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Exclusive RE Broker Services

Navigating the intricate world of real estate transactions? Our exclusive services for real estate brokers in Chicago are designed to simplify the journey. We offer complimentary consultations, lending our decades of construction and mortgage experience to provide detailed property evaluations, remodeling cost estimates, and post-deal insights. Whether it's guiding clients on potential upgrades or deciphering complex inspection reports, our goal is to provide clarity and value, making the purchasing or selling process smoother. Partner with us and elevate the support you provide to your clients, ensuring they're always informed and confident in their real estate decisions.

Commercial RE Brokers

Comprehensive Support for Commercial Real Estate Brokers: Specializing in Tenant Improvement Work


When it comes to the complexities of commercial real estate, brokers need a dependable partner who understands the intricacies of the landscape. That’s where we come in. We're more than just a support system; we're an extension of your team.

Tenant Improvement (TI) Work:
Here's where we really shine. We specialize in tailoring commercial spaces to suit a myriad of client needs. From medical facilities and retail storefronts to hospitality venues and restaurants, we handle the full scope of TI work. Our team collaborates with you to design and execute build-outs that not only meet but exceed your clients' unique specifications.

But it doesn't stop there. Our comprehensive services also encompass routine building maintenance, tenant turnover projects, and specialized service calls that fall outside the realm of standard property engineering duties.

By aligning with us, you can rest assured that your clients will receive the same high level of expertise and quality that you provide. We aim to elevate your reputation in the commercial real estate sector, ensuring your clients are not only satisfied but also eager to engage in repeat business. Partner with us, and let's deliver unparalleled value in the commercial real estate market together.

Pre Contract Phase

Before your clients place an offer, we're here to help. Want to know the cost of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? Thinking about an addition? Need to address repair issues? Or just have a construction-related question? Count on us to provide clear, concise answers, ensuring your clients move forward confidently with their real estate decisions. We're here to simplify and support every step of the way.


Under Contract

When your client's property is under contract and surprises pop up during the inspection, don’t fret. We specialize in reviewing inspection reports, pinpointing potential challenges, and offering guidance. Whether it's a minor fix or a major overhaul, we provide detailed feedback and, if needed, a comprehensive written proposal based on the report's findings. With our expertise by your side, navigate those post-inspection twists and turns with confidence and ensure your clients have a clear path forward. We're here to make the post-inspection process as seamless as possible.


Post Closing

After the closing documents are signed and the keys handed over, the journey doesn’t end for your clients — and neither does our support. We're here to ensure that the high-caliber service you provided as a broker seamlessly transitions into the next phase of homeownership. Whether it's property updates, on-call repairs, or any home enhancement needs, we're on it. Think of us as co-marketing in action: by consistently delivering top-notch service, we not only uplift your client's experience but also reinforce your reputation, paving the way for repeat business and enduring client-broker relationships. Together, let's ensure your clients enjoy the gold standard, from listing to living.

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